Refractique Lensball Australia Photography from Customers

May 24, 2020

Refractique Lensball Australia Photography from Customers

Since our opening over 2 years ago Refractique has had a steady stream of loyal customers and the Lensball in Australia has become very popular! The popularity of lensball photography particularly in areas such as landscape photography has risen very quickly. This is unsurprising given the natural outdoor beauty in Australia. Shots with the lensball featuring in beach, seaside, forest, sunrise and sunsets are common. Street photography has also been very popular.

We decided to share some of our favourites.


Lensball Melbourne



Credit: Tony Harding (@hardingt12345)

One of our long-time customers, Tony took some of our favourite photos incorporating the beach and sunset from Mordialloc Beach in Melbourne. He uses post production to emphasise the purplish tones and bright yellow rays of sunlight in the sky on the photo above. 



Credit: William Yau 

One of our favourite street photos is from a Melbourne laneway. In the lensball you can see the Yin and Yang-like elements depicted by the two faces beautifully encapsulated. The fisheye and wide-angle lens effects of the lensball help emphasize the two elements juxtaposed in the street photography.



Credit: Jorge Lorenzo 

Another notable mention from Melbourne's streets is the beautiful artistic black and white photo above. Street photography with the lensball has been very popular particularly depicting street art and the beautiful small laneways in our cities.    



Lensball Sydney





Credit: Joon Kwon 


Ocean and rainforest shoots feature quite prominently from New South Wales. Joon’s lensball photography encapsulates this beauty brilliantly. We love how Joon uses the same holding method you'll see above with the thumb and two index presenting the image in the crystal ball beautifully whilst showing enough of the background so the viewer can enjoy the contrast. 


Lensball Brisbane



Credit: Nathan Frost 

Again, there are many great beach snaps from the surrounding areas of Brisbane including the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. Shown here are a couple of photos from the Gold Coast.


Credit: Brooke Miles 

Brooke from Brooke Photography in the Whitsunday Islands also did a shoot on Whitehaven Beach prior to Christmas last year. There were a host of outstanding shots including this one which we post edited by simply flipping the entire photo.

This is of course a very simple flip to do in Photoshop or similar. The other technique we commonly utilise is flipping just the image inside the lensball which obviously achieves a slightly different effect. Check out our lensball post production tips if you want to learn more. 


Lensball Perth

Our long-time customer in Perth Frankie has sent through a range of excellent shots over time.


Lensball Photography Perth Swimming Shot

Credit: Frankie Jarman


The way the crystal ball is used as a prop rather than simply used to take an image inside of is shown by how it’s swimming in the sea and Frankie isn’t concerned by the water on the lensball.


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Thanks to all those who have already shared in the past and sorry we couldn't feature all of them! All the photos are great inspiration for fellow lensball photographers though! No doubt the Lensball in Australia will continue to grow in popularity!


We look forward to sharing more awesome photos in future from around Australia! And thanks for your continued support of our small Australian business. 

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