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  • Designed perfectly for photographic prisming with a 20cm optimal length with 3cm equilateral sides for perfect reflective qualities. Triangles on both ends are also completely transparent for other special effects you may know or learn! Made from beautiful K9 optical crystal which we are extremely selective in sourcing from the absolute finest. 

    We have designed another beautiful gift box this time suiting the prism - it comes with a magnetic closing lid with prism photography in and outside of the stunning package. Inside we beautifully present the prism and it comes contained within a stunning white microfiber soft pouch and inner soft lining with the box. The microfiber pouch can be used to both safely carry and also polish the prism as needed. 

    Prisming as its known continues to grow in popularity and is arguably even more versatile than the lensball. You will need more practice with this one but it delivers some amazing effects! Simply place it flush alongside the lens and you will see some remarkable reflections - just tilt slightly and you will be able to get one small example of what it can do. 

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