Refractique Australia - Scholarship (Australian Residents)

Refractique Australia Photography Innovation & Excellence Scholarship 

Available for: various study levels, Australian Universities (undergraduate level or postgraduate level) 
Eligibility: studying an Arts Degree (or relevant photography related course), if unsure please contact us at
Value: $2000 (occurs on a twice yearly basis with a $1000 per scholarship eligible) 
Closing Dates for submissions: 30 Jan and 30 June of each year 

How to apply

Prepare a cover letter and the below refraction photography submission and send to We accept digital submissions (originals are not required).  

We proudly support the local community with two college/university scholarships provided on a yearly basis.

The submission must be for a minimum of 10 quality refraction related lensballphotos as per examples exhibited on our website or on our social media, with a maximum of 20 photos. You are also required to write a minimum of 500 words to describe the photos, where they were taken, how you came about selecting the scenes, what they mean to you and what kind of photographic techniques you used to obtain the results/outcome in the photos. If you used post production editing techniques also explain these. 

Refractique Australia may use your photography for business purposes relating to lensball photography, however you may opt out of this by simply letting us know and permission will be asked prior to any use.  

The judge will award the scholarships based on the standard of the photos as well as the written text. 

To find out more about the program email us at

Our Values: 

We are an Australian originated organisation that espouses the following values: 

  • Innovation  
  • Creativity 
  • Integrity 
  • Education and Learning

Selection Criteria and Dates: 

Successful applicants will be selected based upon the following key selection criteria: 

  • Those that live the above Values (please substantiate as part of your cover letter) 
  • Quality of the refraction / lensball photography 
  • Ability to show evidence of photography understanding as part of the written submission

Respective closing dates for submissions and correspondence to successful applicants will occur: 

Start of year submission: 30 Jan - announcement due date 15 Feb 

Mid year submission: 30 Jun - announcement due date 15 July


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